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On Display in our Model Home: Eco Shutters


Locally owned and operated by Jason Gagnon, Eco Shutters specializes in the best quality vinyl built interior shutters. They don’t sell blinds, flooring, paint…just shutters and you can be sure that you will get exactly what you ordered. That's a promise. Eco shutters
Eco shutters Eclipse Shutters are the number one manufacturer in the world when it comes to interior shutters and uses the best quality vinyl, Polyresin 3. They are GreenGuard certified, which means there are no toxic emissions that your family will be exposed to. These are energy efficient and good for the environment. Eclipse Shutters has a seven day production guarantee which means when you are ready to go ahead with your order, Eco Shutters can book your install date right away! There are much more benefits when it comes to Eclipse Shutters and this is why Eco Shutters operates as a shop at home service with free estimates.


For more information, drop in to see our display or follow this link to their website: www.ecoshutters.ca


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