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Pre-Engineered Packages

Our custom made pre-engineered shell packages are competitively priced and include everything required for the construction of the shell (see details). They also include our custom designed exterior wall systems that exceed the standard code for energy efficiency as well as “Energy Star” rated quality windows and doors and all exterior finishes such as pre-finished wood sidings, low maintenance timber frame detailing (when applicable) and quality low environmental impact roofing.  


Most importantly, our engineered packages are all based on environmentally responsible concepts which dictate the use of wood acquired from sustainably managed Canadian forests and products that carry low embodied energy. That includes all energy, direct or indirect, used to extract, manufacture, transport and install materials. Put simply, if it’s relatively economical to transport, cost efficient to produce and also easy to install, we are proud to promote and distribute it to our clients. All our choices of products also contribute to the end result...“An extremely well built, healthy and energy efficient home, conceptualized and built utilizing environmentally responsible methods”.

New Houses

Home Packages - Standard Models

In our catalog you will find a small sampling of many country home plans available, capable of being modified, expanded or reduced as needed in order to satisfy your requirements. These design samples are important since they can help you determine your likes, dislikes and what is critical to you. Many other designs can be custom tailored to your specific taste and budgets or you may have your own favourite we can price as a custom package. And remember, all design fees are included in the price package along with a site visit & feasibility study. To further discuss your specific requirements, please call us or send us an e-mail.


A note about pricing: Due to the extremely fluctuating market, we promise all clients that we'll be transparent with our pricing as the market evolves. 

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Professional Material Management

At Evergreen Concepts, one of our most important advantages over our competitors is that we offer, FREE OF CHARGE, professional material management on site. This controls quality and quantity of materials as they are shipped and it provides on site training (also free of charge) for installations to those who require it. Our material manager, John Coupland, brings over 30 years of hands on experience to our group of professionals. This is a huge asset for do it yourselfers in particular and also extremely important for waste control. John takes care of all deliveries (even out of area) and personally ensures that things are available and on site WHEN you need them. We even stage deliveries in order to ensure efficiency on site and help reduce the possibility of theft, damage or vandalism.

What's included

What's Included

At Evergreen Concepts (& our primary focus is strictly based on efficient "Budgeting and Custom Designing", incorporating cost effective methods of building wisely while remaining as eco-friendly as logically possible on a per case basis. Frequently, green aspects are as simple as creating energy efficient designs, while taking the site conditions into account. Of the utmost importance, "utilizing local resources is the major ingredient in really being green and therefore efficient".

Many other factors fall into play, but it is important to note that that too many large competitors are now foreign owned and use many imported products within their home packages. One of Evergreen's main goals in fact is to always stay as small as possible and definitely local (supporting our LOCAL suppliers and trades), while providing the best personalized service and products we can put together in a home or cottage package.

Our quality shell packages include:

  • Site consultation and budget projections

  • Environmentally responsible design

  • No charge custom designs as required

  • Free inspections for local deliveries (2 ½ hrs-200km)

  • Complete do-it yourself consultation and support as required

  • Engineered floor systems

  • Engineered roof systems

  • Walls: Custom designed energy efficient wall system

  • All light to medium green classified products

  • Best quality certified Canadian kiln dried lumber (Sustainable Forests)

  • Energy Star rated windows and doors

  • Environmentally responsible lifetime guaranteed fiberglass shingles
    (steel optional)


  • Complete finishing packages c/w quality pre-finished engineered sidings

  • Quality exterior matching wood trims and flashings

  • Specialty fasteners, caulking, glues and caulking etc…

  • All decks and walkouts can be priced separately

  • All limited warrantees up to 25 years (ask for details)

  • Free delivery within 2 hours (200km) of Perth, Ontario. All other locations must be priced separately before shipping.

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