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Pre-engineered Packages

Basic Concepts:

Pre-engineered Packages / Basic ConceptsOur custom made pre-engineered shell packages are competitively priced and include everything required for the construction of the shell (see details). They also include “Energy Star” rated quality windows and doors and all exterior finishes such as pre-finished wood sidings, low maintenance timber frame detailing (when applicable) and quality low environmental impact roofing . The most cost efficient is our new structurally insulated pre-fabricated panels. Most importantly, our engineered packages are all based on environmentally responsible concepts which dictate the use of wood acquired from sustainably managed Canadian forests and products that carry low embodied energy. That includes all energy, direct or indirect, used to extract, manufacture, transport and install materials. Put simply, if it’s relatively economical to transport, cost efficient to produce and also easy to install, we are proud to promote and distribute it to our clients. All our choices of products also contribute to the end result...“An extremely well built, healthy and energy efficient home, conceptualized and built utilizing environmentally responsible methods”.

"Why purchase an Evergreen Shell Package?

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Price List
Liste de prix (Shell Package*)
Note: R-5 Insulboard panels included in all shell packages
Spring / Fall 2019**

Model # Standard Insulated Panels
(Option B)
3219 The Sandpiper(app. 1,167 sq.ft) from $62,985.00 $72,182.00
3219 The Dewberry(app. 1,281 sq.ft + garage,porch) from $69,899.00 $77,815.00
4925 The Cardinal (app. 1,304 sq. ft.) from $68,812.00 $78,256.00
3938 The Goldfinch (app. 1,301 sq. ft.) from $68,739.00 $78,357.00
3911 The Mountain Maple (app. 1,437 sq. ft. ) from $77,962.00 $89,343.00
3235 The Columbine (app. 1,456 sq. ft. +garage) from $78,906.00 $89,210.00
2687 The Anemone (app. 1,457 sq. ft. + garage) from $78,981.00 $89,252.00
EG - 01 Model Home:The Meadowlark (app.1,473 sq.ft) from $80,993.00 $ 90,587.00
EG - 02 The Meadowlark II (app.1,511 sq.ft + screeen porch) $83,280.00 $91,787.00
   The Foxglove (app. 1,478 sq. ft.) from $76,976.00 $86,143.00
2939 The Kingfisher (app. 1,480 sq. ft.)
(as illustrated with sun porch option add $12,900.00)
$77,830.00 $87,227.00
4940 The Savannah Sparrow (app. 1,482 sq. ft.) from $77,966.00 $87,125.00
4916a The Chicory (app. 1,484 sq. ft.) from $77,826.00 $86,975.00
  The Rose Mallow (app. 1,600 sq. ft.) from $77,988.00 $86,867.00
  The Sunnyside (app.1,600 sq.ft + garage, deck, balcony) from $89,990.00 $99,980.00
  The Lakeview (app.1,613 sq.ft ) from $85,690.00 $96,991.00
3506 The Robin (app. 1,630 sq ft) from $79,987.00 $87,117.00
    The Evening Primrose (app. 1,665 sq ft + garage) $90,900.00 $101,885.00
3945 The Elderberry (app. 1,680 sq ft) from $84,095.00 $94,690.00
    The Lobelia (app 1,763 sq ft + garage & porch) from $94,370.00 $100,984.00
3246 The Magnolia (app. 1,816 sq ft + garage) from $98,424.00 $104,596.00
3914a The Periwinkle (app. 1,832 sq ft) from $94,647.00 $101,197.00
3937 The Honeysuckle (app. 1,878.00 sq ft) from $94,948.00 $101,496.00
3224 The Trillium (app. 1,883 sq ft +. garage) from $97,471.00 $106,933.00
2433 The Sandcherry (app. 1,932 sq ft + garage) from $103,976.00  $111,773.00
    The Big Rideau (app. 2,161 sq. ft. c/w Timberframe hybrid) contact for pricing contact for pricing
  The Night Hawk (app. 2,215 sq. ft. + deck) from $108,902.00  $117,998.00
3921 The Wintergreen (app. 2,228 sq. ft. + garage) from $115,628.00  $128,172.00
2837 The Hollyhock (app. 2,350 sq ft ) from $118,975.00  $127,908.00
3918 The Juniper (app. 2,393 sq ft) from $113,930.00  $124,920.00
3829 The Sunflower (app. 2,393 sq. ft. + garage) from $120,988.00  $131,843.00
3926 The Alder (app. 2,841 sq. ft.) from $136,845.00  $145,668.00
  The Osprey (app. 2,868 sq. ft. + porch & timberframe hybrid) from contact for pricing contact for pricing
2912 The Eagle (app. 3,105 sq. ft. + garage ) from $150,975.00 $159,990.00
    The Cedar Waxwing (app. 3,240 sq. ft. + garage & tiimberframe hybrid) from contact for pricing contact for pricing
    The Townview (2 units) (app. 1,915 sq. ft/unit + garage X 2) from $149,928.00 $160,992.00

*Materials only (Labour extra) *Matériaux seulement (Main-d’œuvre en sus)

* Prices in effect on any shell contract signed in 2019, delivery no later than November 30th, 2020, subject to change without notice & include delivery to a distance of 200 km from Ottawa center by conventional delivery truck. Extra costs may apply depending on site conditions & / or extra distance.

Prix en vigueur pour toute livraison avant le 30 novembre, 2020, sujets à changements sans préavis. Livraison à une distance de 200 km d’Ottawa (centre-ville) est comprise, livraison par méthode conventionnelle. Des coûts additionnels pour livraisons hors région ou sites difficiles a atteindre pourraient s’appliquer.

** All prices in CDN dollars, plus appicable tax(es)

Our Shell Packages are built exclusively with Energy Star Standards: Custom design (including site inspection & budget consultation), fully engineered and ready for building permit application. Complete shell package in top quality lumber, c/w R-5 Insulboard ( standard framing materials or Engineered, pre-insulated wall systems), Energy Star qualified windows/doors, engineered wood siding, pre-finished wood trims, porches structures as illustrated. Lifetime guaranteed fiberglass roof shingles. Please see our website for details.

EverGreen Concepts inc.

Structural Insulated Panels (Option B):

Structural Insulated Panels (Option B)We believe that our revolutionary SIP panels are what set us apart from our competition. Built in a climate-controlled environment with pride and care, this product is changing the way we build homes in North America. With very little waste and using the latest 21st century manufacturing technologies, this high efficiency wall system surpasses everything on the market today. Expanded polystyrene insulation rated at R25 virtually eliminates all air leaks with the entire wall wrapped in a continuous envelope from the outside, preventing heat loss through wood framing. Providing, extreme high performance with 40% more efficiency than traditional insulation methods, it also results in dry comfortable spaces with no interior condensation and the usual resulting mould build up.

Structural Insulated Panels (Option B) - Exterior continuous envelopeInstallations can’t be any faster and this system combines quality framing and insulation into a single easy step. One of our best environmentally responsible products, it has no CFCs, HCFCs or coolant gas resulting in zero emissions contribution to our depleting ozone layer the leading cause of climate change. It combines our Canadian renewable wood products with expanded polystyrene, the insulation of the future.

See our details on this amazing product...

Structural Insulated Panels (Option B)                      Structural Insulated Panels (Option B)

Energy Star Partner               Canada Green Building Council / Conseil du batiment durable du Canada - Ottawa Region

EverGreen Concepts inc.

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