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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of typical questions that most people asked during the first contact with us. Should your questions not be all covered below, call us and it will be our pleasure to answer them separately. Please allow a few days for a response.

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  • What is “light green construction”?
    Light green construction is our own terminology. It classifies Evergreen’s environmentally responsible entry level option in terms of design and actual choice of green products within a modern building practice. We utilize energy star products and ratings along with certain key elements such as insulated concrete forms (ICF), sip panels and other high efficiency type materials and equipment. We pay particular attention to our products in regards to embodied energy and overall performance working towards responsible net zero construction. Please see our green section for further info.
  • What is a shell package or kit?
    The shell package begins with full construction drawings. The best the industry has to offer is utilized to put together kits that include detailed instructions and complete material lists required in order to build a country home shell from exterior and interior walls, floor and roof systems, windows and doors, and complete exterior finishing. The material list that comes with the packages is comprehensive to help self-builders. If doing it yourself sounds like a daunting task full project management service is available within 100km radius of our office.
  • What are the options for exterior finishing?
    Our standard kits come with pre-finished CanExel engineered wood siding and Maibec wood trims and corners. Upgrades such as; brick, stone, stone veneers, pre-finished pine, natural pine and log siding are also available and can be quoted separately as an extra. There are many low maintenance exterior options available to give your home the façade you're looking for.
  • Can I build this myself?
    For people who enjoy hands on projects this is the most economical choice. Our professional support staff is available to assist you with your questions when needed. Should an on site consultation be required, one of our experienced construction managers can be called upon at a reasonable hourly rate in order to assist in whatever way deemed necessary by the client.
  • What if we are out of your area?
    Our custom shell packages are available to ship all over the province of Ontario. Our project management service area is a 100km radius from our office in Perth, Ontario. We can help you find local trades or contractors, as over the years we have established relationships with contractors in most key regions of Eastern Ontario. Let us help you find the RIGHT contractor at the RIGHT price for your area.
  • Can we choose our own design or can we change yours?
    Yes to both. Remember our designs are all custom so designs can be modified, enlarged or created from scratch to suit your particular needs. Our prices are always competitive due to our purchasing power and construction methods. If you choose to have Evergreen design your custom home or cottage, all design fees paid are always applied towards your shell package.
  • Can we buy construction plans only?
    On occasion, we may be willing to work with you on design and sell only the plans. Please send us an e-mail or call us to inquire. If you later decide to purchase a shell package from our company you would receive a full credit for the cost of the design and the plans.
  • What about decks and porches, are they included?
    Porch structure & support are always included in standard pressure treated lumber. Because there are so many options to choose from with decking and railings, they are priced separately from our shells as just that, "options". Porch structures are included, but the screens and/or screen doors are excluded because of the many options available.
  • Why do you use a pier foundation on your model home? Can we have a basement instead?
    The piers we encourage people to use are engineered steel systems that are economical to use and most importantly for many, create very little disturbance to your soil and natural surroundings. The equipment used can travel almost anywhere and be utilized on some of the most difficult sites around making it cost effective, fast and simple. However, should your budget and site allow for excavation, backfill and a full foundation or crawlspace, your drawings can be modified. Please contact us for further details.
  • What about shipping costs?
    Shipping costs are included within 100km of Perth, Ontario. Delivery of our shell packages outside of this area are subjected to a small additional surcharge. Please contact us as quotes can be provided on demand for other areas based on distance and fuel costs.
  • What are your payment methods?
    Usually, 15% is required on contract signature (exceptions may apply), an additional 35% at 60 days before delivery and the balance by certified cheque or bank draft (50%) before delivery. Should we be able to accommodate our of area clients, final payment (by certified cheque, bank draft or bank transfer) will be expected 2 days before delivery.
  • Do you do additions or renovations?
    We have, in the past, and continue to work on large additions / renovations. It all depends on distance, timing and availability of our managers and the crews we work with.
  • I'm still confused... you say your homes are "pre-engineered" or "panelized". Are they not modular?
    We do NOT do modular homes. Modular homes are like trailer homes, different (lesser) quality and often times either COMPLETELY assembled outside of Canada or supplied by "Canadian" companies who are owned by non Canadian groups. They have to be built very differently due to transportation restrictions and very good access on roads and building lots is critical. With the new Ontario Building Code in full force, some of local municipalities are even frowning (no permits) on these lately. Lenders will sometimes refuse to issue mortgages and land developers often refuse modular homes in their development. Of even greater importance, there can be a serious resale issue with Modular Type homes since they can affect resale values to the negative in developments and communities. All our homes, cottages and cabins are CUSTOM designed (at no extra charge) according to YOUR site, YOUR budget and YOUR lifestyle. All our materials are purchased locally and we use local trades... definitely greener, since we're not transporting our shell packages across very long distances and much better for our local economy.
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