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Custom Designs

Our web site includes some of our basic conceptual designs, which include light passive solar and conventional high efficiency models. All designs come standard with ICF foundations and our custom designed R28 wall systems and if passive solar heating concepts are chosen, thermal mass must be incorporated within the design.

Although highly recommended, that usually requires a different type of foundation and often dictates a slab on grade with heated floor configurations. Other methods are also utilized in order to create the required thermal mass. Please see the green building section for further info.

Modern Home Entrance
Image by Jason Briscoe

All our designs can easily be modified to “fit the clients” and their budgets but most importantly you must remember that many of our clients prefer a completely custom design.  Contrary to most of our competitors, we encourage people to consider a custom approach since it provides complete flexibility towards creating a model that is perfectly tailored for the site and is uniquely their own. Further, we DO NOT charge extra for custom designs and our full consultation and site visits are also included at NO extra charge.

You save thousands of dollars that can be better spent on healthy interior finishes or other, more beneficial upgrades.

Also, a crucial point to remember is that while custom designing, it allows us as designers and consultants to focus on space efficiency and actual “site specifics” in order to create a smaller environmental impact within an acceptable budget.

With this concept in mind, the end result is a perfectly tailored design with much less apparent waste, leaving budget funds available for environmentally responsible and healthy living options such as passive solar heating, renewable energy and low off gassing interior products. High-energy efficiency and its associated long-term savings is the obvious positive side effect of our carefully planned and executed approach.

Brian Atterbury, our designer, brings 15 years of design experience to our team. A fully licensed architectural technologist, he works closely with the entire team to create a custom design tailor fit to your property, budget and lifestyle. Brian also takes care of all our custom cabinetry creations.

Call us or send us an e-mail in order to set up a free initial consultation meeting at your convenience. We don’t use pressure tactics and you don’t have to commit until you are ready to proceed.

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