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Our Model Homes & Cottages

Welcome to the “Meadowlark” our Model Home. 

Our model homes offer a perfect opportunity to see for yourself the embodied quality, pride and care applied to our environmentally responsible homes and cottages. All three models have been carefully designed with substantial thought being given to our popular “light green” concept.  

Sandpiper Model Home_edited_edited.jpg

In the Meadowlark we applied cost efficient design elements in order to create an extremely energy efficient package. Three sided wrap around porches and reasonable roof slopes have created a dramatic look to this light passive solar design. Large roof overhangs designed for this geographical zone keep this home cool during the hot summer days while letting the full winter sun generate substantial heat gain during our cold Canadian winter months. The open concept interior with soaring cathedral ceilings makes this moderately sized home feel substantially larger.

This model is also designed around a centralized masonry heater type of stone fireplace capable of supplying enough radiated heat energy to easily make this home very comfortable during the coldest and sunless winter days.

The Sandpiper's smaller footprint features the same beautiful dramatic living space of the Meadowlark, with the added feature of a spacious loft.  This model is a great example of what our "Shell" packages include with a few optional additions that enhance the space.


Our most popular model, The Northern Oriole, combines the luxury of vaulted ceilings while maintaining energy efficiency in a functional and budget friendly package.  

We are in fact…”Building today for tomorrow

Please note:

Our on site “display only” models have been built on engineered steel posts as opposed to a full foundation or heated slab. In reality, this type of concept would be much better suited on a concrete mass floor or similar hard surface providing heat absorption and retention characteristics. Nonetheless, this type of elliptical steel pier system (Postech) is well suited as foundations for porches, decks, sheds and small cottages up to 1000 square feet. More on this product in our other products section.

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