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Standard Models

Model Home: The Meadowlark

Approx. 1473 sq. ft.

The Alder

Approx. 2841 sq. ft

The Anemone

Approx. 1457 sq. ft. + garage

The Big Rideau

Approx. 2161 sq. ft. c/w Timberframe hybrid

The Cardinal

Approx 1304 sq.ft.

The Cedar Waxwing

Approx. 3240 sq. ft. + garage & timberframe hybrid

The Chicory

Approx 1484 sq. ft.

The Columbine

Approx. 1456 sq. ft. + garage

The Dewberry

Approx 1281 sq.ft plus garage and porch

The Eagle

Approx. 3105 sq. ft. + garage

The Elderberry

Approx. 1680 sq. ft.

The Evening Primrose

Approx. 1665 sq. ft. + garage

The Foxglove

Approx. 1478 sq. ft.

The Goldfinch

Approx 1301 sq ft.

The Hollyhock

Approx. 2350 sq. ft.

The Honeysuckle

Approx. 1878 sq. ft.

The Juniper

Approx. 2393 sq. ft.

The Kingfisher

Approx. 1480 sq. ft.

The Lakeview

Approx. 1613 sq. ft.

The Lobelia

Approx. 1763 sq. ft. + garage and porch

The Magnolia

Approx. 1816 sq. ft. + garage

The Meadowlark 2

Approx. 1511 sq. ft + screen porch

The Mountain Maple

Approx. 1437 sq. ft

The Nighthawk

Approx. 2215 sq. ft. + deck

The Osprey

Approx. 2868 sq. ft. + porch & timberframe hybrid

The Periwinkle

Approx. 1832 sq. ft.

The Robin

Approx. 1630 sq. ft.

The Rose Mallow

Approx 1600 sq. ft.

The Sandcherry

Approx. 1932 sq. ft. + garage

The Sandpiper

Approx 1167 sq ft

The Savannah Sparrow

Approx. 1482 sq. ft.

The Sunflower

Approx. 2393 sq. ft. + garage

The Sunnyside

Approx. 1600 sq. ft, + garage, deck and balcony

The Townview

Approx 1915 sq.dt /unit + garage x 2

The Trillium

Approx. 1883 sq. ft. + garage

The Wintergreen

Approx. 2228 sq. ft. + garage

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