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Insulation Solutions

Unique & Efficient Solutions for all your Insulation Needs

Roof Insulating Panels: Roof insulating panels are made of rigid and closed plastic cells which ensure an optimal thermal performance and excellent water resistance. Available in different densities to satisfy the varying requirements of the industry, they can be used with all types of roof slopes and can be ordered with a regular cut, an angled cut or with capped joints on 2 or 4 sides.

High Performance Structural Insulating Panels: Please see our section on option B-pre-insulated panellized packages.

Insulating Panels for Concrete Formwork: These panels are used as foundation insulation in new buildings. Many advantages, including mildew & odour control, higher energy efficiency, improvement of air quality, stability and durability have guaranteed the success of this product, widely used by many foundation contractors. Ask us how you can have this option added to any new foundation.

Insulating Panels: These bulk insulation panels ensure an optimal thermal performance and an excellent water resistance. They can be used above and below ground both indoor and outdoor.

Timberframe and Post & Beam Home Products: Custom built for your exact needs, they can be assembled of insulation & plywood, insulation, plywood & drywall, completely designed for wiring, plumbing etc.

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