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Timberframe Options

At Evergreen Concepts, you have many interesting options that can capture your imagination. Many agree that wood is the best environmental choice for structures of all types and with imaginative custom design, we can create beautiful timber frame options that can in fact simply and economically be added to your own. The versatility and enduring aesthetic appeal of wood has never been stronger these days. Remember that wood is in fact a renewable resource and Canada’s suppliers of wood and wood products are making sure that it is renewed. As stated and easily confirmed by the Canadian Wood Council, sustainable forest management practices ensure that Canada’s supply of wood is actually increasing.

Timberframe Craftmanship

Timberframes are built using artisan craftsmanship and as they are sometimes described, these beautiful works of art are built to last for centuries. This also makes them an excellent environmentally responsible choice for a home or cottage.  Custom white pine timber highlights bring out the best features in most country home designs. They also add tremendous value to any project and makes it “timeless”…


While the last couple of years have driven the cost of true timber frame construction into the luxury market, it is still possible to achieve the beautiful aesthetic while on a budget by adding timber frame accents or by using the hybrid method on a conventionally built home. 

Traditional mortise and tenon joinery, unsurpassed craftsmanship and the finest materials will add value and distinction to your home.  

Reclaimed wood and timbers

Reclaimed timbers from century old structures are now being reshaped and reused in new homes and cottages as timberframe highlights in various key areas. Areas such as lofts, entrances, porches and great rooms can greatly benefit from timberframe touches. This concept is the ultimate in green timberframe construction and in many instances our discerning clients can actually choose specialty pieces from our suppliers stock pile …. A great way to “make a small difference” providing a stunning visual impact as a result.

Image by Stephanie Moody
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