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Light to Medium Green Construction

At Evergreen Concepts, our first objective continues to be the building of cost efficient healthier, energy efficient homes and cottages. Further, we place serious importance on the environmental impact of all our designs and associated projects. Our main goal is to demonstrate how easy it can be for most people to build “light green” while making their environmental foot print much smaller.


Our design process and concepts coupled with ongoing consultation help people understand that building healthy and environmentally responsibly doesn’t have to compromise their budget.  In fact, all well designed and orchestrated homes and cottages have a very short capital cost payback due to the substantial energy savings that automatically result from such construction methods.

Canada has began to take steps to create a building code that remains practical while also striving to become "net zero" in practice by 2030.  A "net zero" home is the evolution of the R-2000 concept where a home only consumes as much energy as it produces.  The result is a home that is both healthier for the homeowner and for the environment.  Evergreen has been at the forefront of this way of thinking for many years and will continue to do so future. 

Together, we can help create a cleaner and greener community. 

Evergree Concepts an Energy Star
Evergreen Concepts and Energy Star

As Energy Star Certified Builders, Evergreen Concepts further enhances its products and services and provides clients with superior energy efficiency by utilizing Energy Star’s strict guidelines. We take great pride in demonstrating to potential clients how we can easily and cost efficiently design and build beautiful environmentally responsible homes and cottages..

As a Government backed initiative, the Energy Star label will provide you with the assurance and confidence that you are getting the best value in a new highly efficient home. You will save a least 30% on your energy bills compared to basic code 2009 construction. An Energy Star concept home will save you serious money on cooling, heating and lighting. Most importantly, an energy efficient comfortable home designed and built by Evergreen Concepts will be worth much more on the resale market…but who knows… you may never want to sell it!

“Energy efficiency is a smart buy and a good investment…”

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